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Our team is dedicated to our client’s success. With flexible payment plans, weekend appointments, and video conferences, the Oxner Legha team provides easy solutions to today’s legal problems.

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Our Legal Practice Areas

Elder Law

Caring for the elderly has significant legal hurdles that we make simple.

Estate Planning

We create the will that makes your intentions clear.


We help answer the legal questions surrounding the passing of a loved one.

Family Law

Our lawyers support families through divorce and custody cases to make the best legal decisions for their future.

Debt Defense Law

Our lawyers can help guide you out of debt.

Property Damage

Our property damage attorneys can help make your property whole again and get the relief you’re owed.

Personal Injury

When you've been hurt, our lawyers make it right again.

Business Law

Create your business on solid ground or get help with your business' legal questions.

Business Law

At Oxner Legha, we specialize in providing expert legal counsel for businesses of all sizes, offering a wide range of services to help you navigate the complex landscape of business law.

We can help you start a business the right way, serve as a registered agent, draft and review contracts, create legal business documents, represent you in business lawsuits, and serve as in-house counsel. Oxner Legha has helped many Houston business owners grow and defend their businesses with sound legal strategy and customized legal documents.

Our Business Law Services:

Civil Litigation

We’re the relentless trial lawyers you need when civil litigation is looming. Our team of civil litigation attorneys will guide you from consultation through trial, offering advice on the optimal strategies in your legal matter.

Our team offers help with insurance claims, contract litigation, personal injury, debt defense, and more.

Our Civil Litigation Services:

Elder Law

As the population of senior citizens grows, elder law is becoming a crucial issue for Americans. Our careful and expert practice of elder law helps our clients ensure the best possible future for themselves and their families.

While wills and trusts are important for expressing your intentions, elder law involves other legal challenges that may not be immediately apparent.

Our Elder Law Services:

Estate Planning

Our skilled estate planning attorneys can create cost-effective wills and trusts that efficiently transfer your assets. Even though it may be difficult to think about, engaging in estate planning now can spare your loved ones from future heartache and expenses.

We help you reduce costs, control your quality of life, distribute wealth, and reduce taxes with custom-crafted estate plans, wills, trusts, and other legal documents.

Our Estate Planning Services:

Family Law

Are you facing a tough family law issue such as divorce or child custody? Our experienced and compassionate attorneys are here to guide you through the legal process and protect your family’s best interests.

Don’t face your family law challenges alone. Let our knowledgeable and dedicated team provide you with personalized solutions and support during this difficult time.

Our Family Law Services:


Protect your family’s legacy with our probate law service, ensuring that your loved ones’ assets are distributed according to their wishes and without any unnecessary complications.

Our experienced probate attorneys can guide you through the complex legal process, providing expert advice and representation to help you resolve any disputes and minimize your stress during this difficult time.

Our Probate Services:

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