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A power of attorney differs from a medical power of attorney by being activated while you’re still conscious and able bodied, and this document can grant the agent the power to act for you.

Our estate planning attorneys have created documents, like a power of attorney, that protect your estate at a flat fee. We can help protect your estate, avoid probate, and ensure your family is safe and secure all at one low flat rate.

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Step 1: Decide on an Agent

Decide on who your agent should be and consider if you need a back-up power of attorney. For each agent you’d like to list, gather their full name, address, and phone number. More than one person can be your power of attorney at a time, or the power of attorney can pass to your back ups.

Step 2: Choose When It Will End

Not all powers of attorney are made to last forever, but that is also a possibility. If you’ll only need an agent for a limited time, we can add an expiration date into the legal document.

Step 3: Select Which Areas It Effects

You don’t have to give an agent complete authority on your behalf, and you can limit the power of attorney to only apply to situations that you think are appropriate. We’ll customize your power of attorney at no extra cost.

Cost Effective Estate Planning

Flat Fee, Bundled Estate Plans

Our estate planning attorneys are experienced in creating more than just a power of attorney. We can help build you a complete estate plan with wills, trusts, and a medical power of attorney that ensures your loved ones are secure all for one flat price.
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