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Our child custody lawyers are experienced in negotiating arrangements that bring peace and clarity into child custody cases. We can help you set up a joint managing conservatorship or a sole managing conservatorship, and we'll walk you through the many complexities of a child custody case before we get started.

Our Lawyers Create the Child Custody Arrangement Your Family Deserves

Joint Managing Conservatorship

We will work with you to negotiate a joint custody arrangement that addresses your family’s needs. While joint managing conservatorship is the default in Texas, it does not automatically mean that each parent has equal responsibility in raising the child. We will work to customize your child custody arrangement in a way that works for you.

Sole Managing Conservatorship

We have helped parents set up sole custody arrangements, which typically mean only one parent will be making the decisions about the child. There are many hurdles to overcome before proving to the court that this type of arrangement is best for the child, but our child custody lawyers are skilled and experienced in litigating these cases.

Change the Parenting Plan

Modify Child Custody Arrangement

Maybe your circumstances have changed or perhaps the rules of the arrangement just aren't being followed. When that happens, it's time to edit your child custody arrangement into one that works for you and keeps your child safe and happy. Our child custody lawyers have helped parents negotiate for a better custody arrangement.

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Why Our Child Custody Legal Services Stand Out

  • Experienced Child Custody Attorneys: Our legal team brings years of specialized experience in handling child custody cases, offering knowledgeable and skilled representation.
  • Child-Centric Approach: We prioritize the well-being and best interests of your children in every decision and legal strategy we undertake.
  • Personalized Legal Strategies: Recognizing that every family’s situation is unique, we tailor our legal services to fit your specific child custody needs.
  • Committed to Your Family’s Needs: Our goal is to help you navigate the legal system with as little stress as possible, while ensuring a fair and just outcome for your family.

Our Child Custody Services Include

  • Custody and Visitation Agreements: We assist in negotiating and drafting custody and visitation agreements that serve the best interests of your children.
  • Modifications to Existing Custody Orders: Our attorneys can help you petition for modifications to custody arrangements as your family’s needs change.
  • Representation in Custody Disputes: We provide robust legal representation in court for contentious custody battles.
  • Guidance and Support: Our team offers ongoing guidance and support throughout the custody process, ensuring you’re informed and prepared at every step.

Who Can Benefit from Our Child Custody Services?

  • Parents navigating the process of divorce or separation
  • Guardians seeking legal custody of a child
  • Families requiring modifications to existing custody arrangements
  • Individuals involved in cross-jurisdictional or international custody issues

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