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Launch a Series LLC

The Right Way

When your new business is going to have several independent businesses that are connected by a parent company, our business attorneys can create a Series LLC with all of the proper paperwork and registration forms.

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Launch Your Business Right

Series LLC Are Complex but Powerful

Isolate Liabilities

Each entity in a Series LLC is insulated from the other. Liability is contained to only one entity in the series.

Separate Finances

While a Series LLC can have a bank account for the entire business, each entity can also have their own bank account and financial records.

Operate with Unique Names

Your Series LLC contains multiple businesses that can each operate with a unique business name.

Experienced Business Lawyers

We're Experienced with Series LLC Start Ups

Start your Series LLC business on solid ground and avoid paying for mistakes later with our business lawyers. Oxner Legha has been registering businesses in Texas for many years, and we know what's required to get your business started right.

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A Powerful Option

Real Estate Companies Are Ideal for Series LLC

The ability to isolate each property as a separate entity empowers real estate businesses to prevent liability damages hitting all of the properties held by the company. Series LLC are popular options for real estate businesses and businesses with multiple assets.

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Other Business Law Documents We Can Create

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