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Oxner Legha estate planning attorneys keep your wealth out of the courts and with your loved ones with a well prepared living trust or will.

Probate is a costly process of litigating what happens to assets after the death of a loved one, and it can increase the cost of transferring assets significantly.

With an experienced estate planning attorney, you can avoid probate and transfer your assets to your loved ones with ease and minimal taxation.

Benefits to Avoiding Probate

Decrease Tax

Skip the court and transfer assets with a living trust or will.

Feel Secure

Know that your intentions are plain and loved ones provided for with easy bank and asset access.

Protect Privacy

Probate records become publicly available, and avoiding probate keeps your assets private.

Avoid Probate with an Estate Plan

Full Service Estate Planning

Why Learning How to Avoid Probate is Beneficial

  • Save Time and Money: Avoiding probate can significantly reduce the time and expenses associated with settling an estate.
  • Maintain Privacy: Probate is a public process. By avoiding it, you can maintain the privacy of your estate details.
  • Simplify Asset Distribution: Bypassing probate streamlines the process of transferring assets to your beneficiaries.
  • Reduce Complexity and Stress: Avoiding probate simplifies estate settlement, reducing the burden on your loved ones during a difficult time.

How Our Services Can Help You Avoid Probate

  • Establishing Trusts: One of the most effective ways to avoid probate is through the creation of trusts. We can help set up various types of trusts to suit your estate planning needs.
  • Joint Ownership and Beneficiary Designations: We advise on establishing joint ownership and designating beneficiaries for certain assets, allowing for direct transfer upon death.
  • Gifting Assets During Your Lifetime: Strategic gifting can reduce the size of your estate, potentially bypassing the need for probate.
  • Utilizing Payable-on-Death and Transfer-on-Death Accounts: We guide you in setting up POD and TOD accounts for financial assets to avoid probate.

Who Can Benefit from Learning How to Avoid Probate?

  • Individuals with considerable assets seeking efficient estate planning
  • Families wishing to streamline the asset distribution process
  • Anyone interested in maintaining the privacy of their estate affairs
  • Seniors planning for a seamless transition of their legacy

Start Planning Now to Avoid Probate Later

Understanding how to avoid probate is an important aspect of estate planning. Contact us today for a consultation, and let our experienced attorneys guide you through the options and strategies to streamline your estate settlement.

Questions about probate?

We can help! Contact us today to get started.

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