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Contract Law Attorneys Serving the Cypress and Houston Area

We’re here to serve the Cypress & Houston community with sound legal footing by providing custom contract drafts, contract negotiation, contract review, and breach of contract services.

All-Inclusive New Business Contract Template Package

Our contract agreement templates for new businesses include everything you need to protect your assets and grow your company safely.

Flat Fee for Drafting New Business Agreements

We don’t charge by the hour, so there’s no surprise fee at the end. Our flat-rate, custom business agreements can include any kind of contract.

Types of Business Agreements Our Contract Attorneys Draft

Service Agreements

When your business is providing a service, this contract details the payment schedule, the services involved, contract terms, and anything else that may be important to your business.

Many service agreements you can find online fall apart in court, but our contract attorneys will custom create one for your business at a flat rate.

Our contract law attorneys can also negotiate the contract on your behalf.

Confidentiality Agreement or Nondisclosure Agreement

When your business needs to share confidential information to a third-party company, entity, or institution, our contract attorneys  protect your private information from leaking with a binding confidentiality agreement. These can have flexible terms and dates, which we’ll customize for you at no extra cost.

Employment Agreements

Employment agreements explain the legal terms of employment for our clients (companies) and their employees. These documents typically address confidential information, non-compete agreements, and terms of employment and can set your company up for success. During our consultation, we’ll also help you determine whether an arbitration clause is right for your business.

Transfer of Equity Interest

At times, you may need to transfer your interest in your business to another member or shareholder within that company or to an individual or company outside their organization. Our contract attorneys can draft these agreements so that there is no confusion on ownership, and interest in the company is shared as intended.

Operating Agreement/Company Agreement

Our contract attorneys can help you define your Operating Agreement or Company Agreement that can easily be defended in court if needed. These agreements outline what the business can and cannot do, how the ownership of the company works (including shareholder rights), how ownership could be transferred in the future, how to vote on decisions, how to elect officers, how to sell the company, and much more. Sometimes, these are also called partnership agreements.

Certificates of Formation

In Texas, a Certificates of Formation or Certificates of Organization is a letter or acknowledgement received from the Texas Secretary of State acknowledging an approved filing by the Secretary of State. Our contract attorneys will ensure you’re legally covered by the law and registered with the state.

Contractor Agreements

Contractor agreements help protect your business from failures of service and can have  major impacts on your tax structure, so it’s best to set your business up for success with strategic contractor agreements in place. Our contract attorneys can also discuss the pros and cons of having contractor agreements or employee agreements and how each type will impact your business financially and legally.

Demand Letters

Before going to court for you, our contract attorneys will draft and send a demand letter to the person or company that is causing the issue. We often send out demand letters in an effort to avoid costly court fees, but if needed, our attorneys will fight ferociously for your rights in court.

Business Formation/LLC Formation

Let our business law attorneys set up your new business for success by helping you choose the appropriate business structure, file with the state, and set up any operating agreements or contracts you may need. We love setting businesses up for success, and we always offer flat rates for setting up a new business so you’ll never be surprised at your bill rate.

Master Service Agreement

A service agreement or a professional services agreement protects your business from being sued for failure to provide services by establishing up front where and how you are going to provide a service to a company, entity or institution. These agreements outline the services, payments, terms and other important legal requirements of the service.

Independent Contractor Agreements

Similar to the contractor agreement, this type of agreement outlines the services a contractor will provide to your company. It can be confusing to understand when the law requires a business to list their help as a contractor or employee, so our business law attorneys will ensure that the contractor agreement is right for your business and won’t cause major issues down the road.

Registered Agent

Every business in Texas is required to have a registered agent and office in Texas. We’ll notify you of any process, notice, or demand required or permitted by law that you’re legally required to receive. Get started

We Support Local Business

Contracts that Work for Your Business

Examples of Other Contracts We Create

  • Sub-Contractor Agreements
  • Liens
  • Promissory Notes and Security Agreements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Transfer Agreements
  • Meeting Minutes
  • LLC Formation
  • S-Corp Formation
  • C-Corp Formation
  • Employee Manuals
  • Letters of Intent

Our contract attorneys can help put your business on a protected legal path to success, and beyond the contracts listed above, we can custom create a contract for your situation.

More on Business Law Services

Contract Attorney Services

Draft a Contract

We offer custom contracts or a package of new business contract templates.

Pricing: Flat Fee

Contract Review

Our contract attorneys review the contract for any risks.

Pricing: Hourly

Contract Negotiations

As experienced litigators, our contract attorneys can negotiate a contract in your best interests.

Pricing: Hourly

Breach of Contract & Trial Services

Our contract attorneys listen to the details of your case and give trusted legal counsel that fits your circumstances.

Pricing: Hourly

Why Choose Oxner Legha as Your Contract Attorney at Law?


  • Proven Expertise in Contract Law
    Jason Oxner, a seasoned contract attorney at law, brings a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of contract law to the table, which can be crucial in navigating the complexities of contract drafting and review.
  • Dedicated Personalized Attention
    We recognize the uniqueness of each client. As your contract attorney at law, we provide individualized attention, ensuring that our legal services are specifically aligned with your needs.
  • Commitment to Clarity and Precision
    Our primary objective is to create contracts that are not only legally sound but also clear and precise. This approach significantly reduces the likelihood of future disputes and legal complications.
  • Affordable Yet High-Quality Legal Solutions
    We believe in offering cost-effective legal solutions without sacrificing quality. Our competitive pricing ensures that you receive the best legal service for your investment.

By choosing Oxner Legha as your contract attorney at law, you are securing a legal partner committed to protecting your interests with utmost precision and care.

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