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Property Damage Attorneys that Are There for You

Property damage in Texas can be devastating, and oftentimes, the insurance company doesn’t pay the full worth of the claim.

Our property damage attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning you won’t owe any fees upfront. We only collect a fee once the dust has settled and only if we win or negotiate compensation for your case.

As fellow Houstonians, Oxner Legha has been through flooding before, and we understand how disruptive and stressful this kind of event can be. We’ll stand by you through the entire process and help you navigate the difficult legal landscape of insurance litigation.

Our property damage attorneys have successfully litigated all kinds of weather damage

Hail Damage

Wind Damage

Water Damage

Roof Damage

Electrical Line Damage

Tree Damage

Flying Debris Damage

Mold Damage

Property Damage Attorneys Help You

Build a Claim

Don’t let insurance companies lead you into statements that help them deny a claim. We’ll work with you to ensure your claim is properly worded and vetted.

Decide Legal Strategy

We’ll support your case with a solid strategy for pre-trial discovery and litigation.


We investigate your situation to determine how much you are entitled to from your insurance claim.

Schedule a Consultation