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Create a Secure Legacy with Flat Fee Wills and Trusts

Wills and trusts are vital documents that can save your loved ones immense time and expense. With a complicated and strict Texas Estates Code, Texans can face surprising costs, court trips, and documentation requirements that can tie up your estate for years.

To relieve the stress of loss and ease the transfer of assets, our attorneys for wills and trusts create legally binding documents that will hold up in court, even when facing Texas’ strict inheritance laws.

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Our attorneys for wills and trusts have protected clients throughout Texas, including those living abroad but with property in Texas.

Cost Conscious

While many Texans believe a will to be expensive, our estate planning attorneys prepare wills, trusts, and many other estate planning documents at a flat rate. We never send you a surprise bill, and your estate will pass to your loved ones with no surprise fees.

Avoid Probate

The cost of not having wills and trusts in place far surpasses the cost of a will, even for small estates. Avoid the probate process by putting together an estate plan that is legally sound.

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