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Supporting Houston Businesses with Trusted Counsel

Oxner Legha is a full-service business law firm supporting the Houston area with downtown quality counsel without the downtown traffic or prices.

Start a Business

We've got everything you need to start your own business. From contract templates to registering your business with the state, our team of business law attorneys can help you start, maintain, and grow your business.

Defend Your Business

When your business is threatened, you need strong support to ensure your interests are represented. Our team of business law attorneys are experienced negotiators and trial litigators who will fight for your business.

Business Law Services

Start Your Business on Solid Footing

  • Understand which business structure works best for your needs.
  • Register an LLC, Series LLC, C-Corp., S-Corp., Partnership, or Nonprofit Corporation
  • Prepare a charter and required governing documents
  • Serve as your registered agent in the State of Texas

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Registered Agent

Every business in Texas is required to have a registered agent and office in Texas. We’ll notify you of any process, notice, or demand required or permitted by law that you’re legally required to receive.

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Draft and Review Contracts

  • Create contracts that fit your business
  • Review contracts for legality
  • Create custom business law documents

More About Contract Services

Business Lawsuits

Our business law attorneys are experienced with defending and prosecuting business disputes and other business matters. We’ve guided many businesses to positive outcomes and will work tirelessly to ensure your dispute is handled quickly.

More About Civil Law Services

In-House Counsel

We can be your in-house or on retainer legal resource for your business and can answer the difficult legal questions to give you confidence. Our team of experienced litigators will be part of your internal team and provide legal counsel for your specific industry and market.

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Trusted Counsel

Flat $800 Fee for Registering an LLC

Get started on strong footing. Our business law attorneys work with you to understand your new business and draft all of the documents you need to start working with confidence.

Based in the Cypress area, we often visit our small business clients to understand their needs better and troubleshoot any legal hurdles they may face. We want to grow with you in Cypress, and we’re invested in growing a vibrant business community around us.

Sound Footing

Start a Series LLC

LLCs are now the most common new business type in Texas by a mile, but sometimes they aren't quite the best fit for a new business that is going to be a series of connected businesses.

When your business will have multiple assets or several operating names, we can avoid any pitfalls by creating sound documentation and correctly registering your new Series LLC so that you don't pay for mistakes later.

More about Series LLC
Experienced Litigators

Invested in Houston Small Business

We’re conscious of how hard it can be to grow a profitable small business, so we work with owners to highlight the legal help you absolutely need, what can wait, and what is better left undone.

We’re committed to being the business law firm that grows businesses - not one that drains them.

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Business Law Documents We Can Create

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