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Quality of life is a driving concern for many adults, and a medical power of attorney ensures that your family and loved ones understand what decisions you would make for yourself if you were able.

If you become incapacitated, a medical power of attorney provides instructions to a person you choose on how to handle the medical emergency so that your wishes are taken into consideration, even at such an emotional moment for your loved ones.

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Medical Power of Attorney Rights

  • Limit your agent’s decision-making power or provide detailed instructions with your wishes
  • Set the document to expire for the agent and choose back-up agents for a long-lasting medical power of attorney
  • Add a HIPAA release so that the agent can access your medical records

Requirements for Power of Attorney

You’ll need to decide on your agent and have their name, phone number, and address ready. Oxner Legha can provide the rest.

Expiration Date

Create a life-long document or set an expiration date. We recommend updating this document every 10 years.

Witness a Power of Attorney

Family or healthcare providers cannot act as witnesses. State law requires two disinterested parties or a notary as a signature witness.

Effective Date

Set it to immediately or provide a future date

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