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Probate can be a complicated process, so we’ve provided as much information up front as possible. Every case is different, though, and our probate attorneys are happy to get to know the details of your situation.

Experienced Probate Attorneys

How Probate Works in Texas

Not all estates need to be probated. The Texas Estates Code was updated recently to allow more assets to be passed to others without a will or court involvement, and we can help you determine what each asset requires.

No estate is too small or large for Oxner Legha to help probate

But What is Probate?

Probate with a Will

Called “testate,” when a person passes away with a valid will, their executor or executrix will need to seek a probate attorney to help schedule an appointment with a judge.

Probate without a Will

Referred to as “intestate,” probating without a will means working with an attorney to make an appointment with the court to be named the administrator of the estate. An intestate administration requires the appointment of a probate attorney ad litem.

Create a Will

You can save your loved ones a lot of cost and time by creating a will that details your wishes. Our probate attorneys create legally binding wills that ensure your assets are transferred easily and legally.

Contest a Will

Sometimes, there is a disagreement about the transfer of assets, and our probate attorneys can represent your interests and settle the dispute.

Probate Cost

All cases are different, but most probate cases can be completed at a flat fee. To get a cost estimate for your specific situation, schedule a consultation.

Dependent Administration

If you’re facing dependent administration of an estate, there are complex legal hurdles that require a trusted probate attorney. Oxner Legha has successfully guided families through dependent administration of small and large estates.

Independent Administration

Independent administration is a simple process that only requires a few minutes of court time but still requires a probate lawyer. We’ll help you get the documents you need to legally administer the estate.

What Happens to Debt

When someone passes away, their debt is included in the estate. Debt does not pass to beneficiaries or devisees, but debt collectors often ignore this. Oxner Legha is skilled at getting debt collectors to comply with the law and end debt harassment.

Probate Services and Documents We Supply

Oxner Legha can draft or obtain any estate planning documents you may need. Our probate attorneys are highly experienced on estates of all sizes.

  • Letters of Testamentary
  • Letters of Administration
  • Small Estate Affidavits
  • Affidavits of Heirship
  • Certified Copies
  • Heirship Administration
  • Guardianship of a Minor
  • Guardianship of an Incapacitated Person
  • Testamentary Trust
  • Open Safe Deposit Box
  • Right of Survivorship
  • Probate of a Foreign Will
  • Estate Inventory
  • Annual Account of Estate and Person
  • Annual Report of the Condition of the Ward
  • Claims against the estate
  • Final Report on the Condition of the Ward
  • Application for Sale of Personal Property
  • Original Petitions
  • Abstracts of Judgment
  • Wills for Safekeeping
  • Letters of Guardianships
  • Certification of a Document
  • Garnishment 
  • Show Cause
  • Temporary Restraining Order
  • Writs 
  • Injunctions 
  • Sequestration

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