When your family needs legal counsel, Oxner Legha is the full-service family law firm that supports the Cypress community. Our family law attorneys work with families one-on-one to understand the problems they are facing and achieve solutions that are favorable and cost conscious.

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Family Law Services


Divorce can be immensely stressful, and we help clients through their divorce to a favorable outcome.

Child Custody

When children are involved in a child custody suit, the process can quickly become complicated. We listen to our clients to understand their needs and build a custody case that works for their future.

Child Support

Child support can be legally difficult to navigate, and our family law attorneys listen to clients to ascertain the right approach to child support.

Spousal Support

While spousal support may be rarer in Texas, our family law attorneys are experienced in securing the support you may need during and after your divorce.

Enforcement of family law orders

Not everyone follows the rules, and our family law attorneys can help you enforce the family law orders in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Modification to support, custody, and other arrangements

When your custody arrangement needs to change, the Oxner Legha family law attorneys will work with you one-on-one to understand the situation and devise a solution that meets your needs.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Our family law attorneys can create legally-sound premarital and marital property agreements that leave no surprises.

Protective Orders

When a family experiences violence, our family law attorneys respond quickly to ensure protective orders are in place.


In the midst of a difficult divorce, Oxner Legha can act as a neutral third party that focuses each family member on achieving favorable outcomes.

Family Legal Needs

As a full service family law firm, we’re prepared to help you with whatever legal problem your family is facing.

Hear from Our Past Family Law Clients

My family recently had a situation needing legal assistance. Jason Oxner was very professional and responsive and provided the legal advice needed, expeditiously. I plan to use him again to rewrite my will. Definitely five stars!
Charlotte W.
Charlotte W.
11:21 13 Dec 20
Ms. Legha represented me in a divorce. She always had my best interest in mind, listening and responding to what I was saying. She offered pros and cons in every discussion, and always respected my opinions. Ms. Legha is very thorough and knowledgeable and led me through the process effectively. After the hearing, she gave me specific instructions for my responsibilities concerning documents and changes to be made. Any questions that arose, she researched thoroughly. Her staff is outstanding and very responsive to any request. The entire group is highly intelligent and at the same time most personable and concerned about their clients.Follow-UpRecently, I returned to the Oxner Legha Law Firm and engaged Mr. Oxner to write my new will. He is a perfect combination of a knowledgable lawyer, an attentive listener, and an effective communicator. He heard my concerns, my wishes, and then reviewed my divorce papers. He gave me options that covered all of my needs and explained the pros and cons of each option. When I popped up with new information that I had failed to share at the beginning, he very patiently discussed any implications that may arise. His patience is endless. As a client, I felt calm and confident in his ability to do a thorough job. The staff is excellent and the process of virtual consultation was flawless and time efficient. If I have any legal needs in the future, without a doubt, this is the law firm I will be using.
Rebecca M.
Rebecca M.
21:05 10 Nov 20
Excellent Service. Prompt reply. They have thorough knowledge of family law and estate planning. Jason and jaylin were very helpful in explaining me the various options that were perfect for me. From a price point they are very competitive. I will highly recommend them for all your estate planning and family law needs.
Samarth M.
Samarth M.
16:36 01 Jun 20
I was referred to the Oxner Law Firm by another attorney, from my initial phone call I was completely put at ease. My consult with Jason was insightful and I walked away feeling more knowledgeable about my case and my legal rights. Jason went above and beyond and helped me draft a legal document. I would definitely recommend this office to all my friends and family!
saida Y.
saida Y.
00:10 09 Jan 20
Mr.Oxner is an amazing attorney. He has helped me and my family out in so many ways and has always made it easy to understand the circumstances. I highly recommend Oxner Legha Law Firm to anybody who needs any assistance. He has never left me unsatisfied!
Joshua S.
Joshua S.
21:01 19 Nov 19
If you or anyone you know is going through one of the toughest things to deal with in life such as a divorce and/or seeking legal custody of children, I highly recommend Arpita Legha and her team. She is an intelligent, articulate attorney that possesses great empathy towards a most difficult situation. I was very sad to find myself in the situation where I felt divorce was the best option but knew that I needed help to navigate this and am so fortunate I had Arpita by my side through this journey.From the moment I walked in for a consultation, it was very clear that Arpita was first and foremost, a compassionate, honest and caring human being who was invested in helping me through the process over all else. She was the first attorney I met with and I hired her that day, didn’t need to interview any others. I was confident she was the best person to guide me through this divorce and she proved me 100% correct.She was ALWAYS extremely communicative, straight forward and accessible. No matter how much time passed between our communications, she was continually dedicated to knowing all the details of my case. Her fees were affordable, and she happily worked with me to formulate a payment plan that I was comfortable with. She was consistent in meeting any deadlines discussed and honest in any challenges she foresaw. When I was led by emotion, she understood behaviors we encountered that I still did not and made sure that she was successful in looking out for the best interest of myself and my children. For this I am extremely grateful.Arpita was a fierce advocate for me and I couldn’t have gotten through the process without her. Even though my divorce was final a year and a half ago, she still calls and checks in with me periodically to see how the kids and I are doing … this is the biggest thing that sets her apart from other family law attorneys, SHE SINCERELY CARES.
m L.
m L.
18:26 21 Oct 19
This Law Firm is top notch in all my dealings with them. They go the extra mile to make sure you understand every step of your legal needs.You could not ask for better legal firm for family law and getting all legal documents for your will, power of attorney and medical documents.They made a hard situation a little better with the all that they did for me.
Sharon H.
Sharon H.
01:44 08 Oct 19
Oxner Legha Law Firm are my go-to for any and all family & civil issues I may face. Anytime I’ve had questions, Arpita has been nothing but helpful and honest in her approach of helping. Thanks for all you do!
Hardeep S.
Hardeep S.
18:15 06 Sep 19
Arpita and Jason are both savvy and compassionate professionals who will work with you to come up with the best solutions for your business and your family. They truly care about their clients and deliver top notch service with kindness.
Amanda H.
Amanda H.
14:11 06 Sep 19
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