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Small Estate Affidavits at Affordable Prices

When a loved one passes away without a will, it may be possible to attain a Small Estate Affidavit in lieu of paying to probate the entire estate. This document can help you easily distribute their possessions and ensure you're not fined or taxed for the items later.

Don't get caught making a mistake on your filing. Our probate attorneys can create a legally sound Small Estate Affidavit that won't cost you more in fees and taxes down the line.

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Small Estate Affidavits That Help

Experienced Texas Probate Attorneys

Our probate attorneys are highly experienced at creating Small Estate Affidavits in Texas and the United States, and we’ll ensure that your documentation is right the first time.

Cost Conscious

While many Texans believe a will to be expensive, our estate planning attorneys prepare wills, trusts, and many other estate planning documents at a flat rate. We never send you a surprise bill, and your estate will pass to your loved ones with no surprise fees.

Avoid Mistakes

The Small Estate Affidavit has many pitfalls that will invalidate your affidavit and cost you more in taxes and filing fees if created incorrectly. We work with you to ensure the information is correct the first time.

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