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Older couple divorces are more common now than they have been in the past. There are many different factors to consider when it comes to a divorce involving couples that are over fifty. These types of divorces are known as “gray divorces.” Attorney Arpita Legha has handled many “gray divorces” although her clients probably would not find the category of their divorce (gray divorce) as very flattering.

Susan Myers recently published an article on August 14, 2019, titled “What to know about ‘gray divorce’,” where she wrote about divorces in older adults are becoming more common than in younger Americans. Once a couple reaches their “golden years” they reported that they wanted to give up on the unhappy partner. The reasons included kids growing up and moving out, medical conditions such as mental capacity, and other factors that ultimately lead to divorce.

Older couples considering divorce have different concerns to those of younger couples. Some factors that a family lawyer would consider would be social security, long-term care insurance, life insurance, retirement accounts (401 K Plans), real state decisions, estate planning documents, just to name a few. Another special consideration is the duration of marriage where the nonworking spouse or when one spouse makes more money, which may entitle the unemployed partner to spousal support.

While younger people are not getting divorced as often, older couples are. We have handled many divorces involving older couples, what the industry is now calling “gray divorces.” If you are an older couple and thinking about divorce and want to know your rights and options, it is important that you find a professional attorney who is experienced in Family Law. Even if you have been divorced before, the laws have likely changed since then.

If you or someone you know is thinking about a divorce, custody dispute, and would like to speak with one of our experienced Family Law Attorneys, contact an attorney at Oxner Legha Law Firm by calling 346-327-9500.

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